Book Review: Cloudette

Although we are currently renting out our home, we still have some seriously wonderful neighbors.  The past weekend was spent back in the hood getting the rental ready for new tenants and our neighbors were so excited to see Little Lucy.  They had this adorable book waiting for her.  If you’ve met Little Lucy, then you know that she really is little.  She is very small for her age and when people see her walking about they often exclaim, “How old is she!” thinking that I have a baby wonder who must be walking at 6 months when really she is 13 months which is a very typical age to be walking.  Well, just like Little Lucy, Cloudette is a very small cloud that wants to do big things in life.  While she might not be big enough to create a thunderstorm or make a waterfall, Cloudette finds out just what a little cloud can do.  Having a small child of my own, I instantly fell in love with the message of this book.  The illustrations and small captions sprinkled throughout add to the cute factor and the added cloud terminology speaks to the teacher within.  Written and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld who is the illustrator of the famed “Duck!Rabbit!”.  Check out his website for a cute book trailer and  links to his other books with activity guides.

Title:  Cloudette

Author/Illustrator:  Tom Lichtenheld

Publisher:  Henry Holt and Company

ISBN:  978-0-8050-8776-5

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Book Review: Dinosaur’s Binkit

I have easily become a huge fan of Sandra Boynton.  Her books are just plain fun and this one is no exception.    Little Lucy still adores books that she can interact with.  This board book is full of textures and flaps to lift to keep her busy and entertained.  It is time for Dinosaur to settle down for sleep but all Dinosaur can think about is finding the elusive “binkit”.  Little ones with a lovey of their own are sure to relate to Dinosaur’s search.

Title:  Dinosaur’s binkit

Author/Illustrator:  Sandra Boynton

Publisher:  Little Simon

ISBN:  978-0-689-82203-2


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Book Review: The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy

I am a big fan of the Ladybug Girl books. (I am considering it as a Halloween costume for Little Lucy at some point.)  Bumblebee Boy is now starring in his own book and I am sure it will be the first of many.  Sam is Bumblebee Boy, who loves to fly alone while battling pirates, dragons, aliens and more.  However, Sam also has a little brother named Owen who wants to be a “soup hero” too.  Sam learns that there is time for solo flying and a time when a sidekick is fun to have along as well.  This is a playfully creative book that will appeal to young boys with great imaginations.  I love how the illustrations really pop out when young Sam is pretend playing and then become much more simple and plain for the interruptions by little brother Owen.  While there is a slight message about including and playing with younger siblings the books is really centered on imaginative play and how exciting it can be to create your own alternate reality.  I hope to read about more Bumblebee Boy adventures in the future!

Title:  The amazing adventures of bumblebee boy

Authors/Illustrators:  David Soman and Jacky Davis

Publisher:  Dial Books for Young Readers

ISBN:  978-0-8037-3418-0

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Book Review: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

I can’t wait to take Little Lucy berry picking this summer.  I was hoping the berries might be ready but alas the local farms here say that they may not open for u-pick until mid June!  We are still enjoying munching on lots of strawberries and this classic book is the perfect accompaniment to our strawberry snacks.  Don Wood’s illustrations are filled with such warmth and the cute factor for me is over the top.  Little Mouse looks so proud of himself as he gets ready to pick a beautifully ripe strawberry.  However, when he finds out that the Big Hungry Bear can sniff out a strawberry under any and all circumstances, Little Mouse has to figure out a way to save his strawberry and keep that bear away.  I must admit, I am partial to stories and illustrations about mice.  As a child I was fascinated with their small worlds and this book is no exception.  I loved reading it as a child and love it even more as I get to share it with my own.  Be sure to check out the narrated version of the book on youtube and bring on the berries!

Title:  The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear

Authors:  Don and Audrey Wood

Illustrator:  Don Wood

Publisher:  Scholastic

ISBN:  0-590-446894-4

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Book Review: A Weekend With Wendell

I like to review books I haven’t read but after having taught first grade for five years I have so many “old favorites” that I just have to include.  This is one of those books.  I am a huge fan of Kevin Henkes.  His illustrations are adorable, the stories are packed with fun and usually include a great “teachable moment” and topic for discussion (no wonder I loved to read them to my students). Wendell is a spunky little mouse with a lot of zest for life (a.k.a. rambunctious).  He comes to spend a weekend at Sophie’s house, however, he will only play games if he gets to make all of the rules.  When they play house, Sophie has to be the dog.  When they pretend to work in a bakery, Sophie has to be the sweet roll.  Wendell proceeds to wreak havoc for both Sophie and her parents and she can’t wait until he goes home.  After finger painting with his peanut butter and jelly and writing his name with toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, Sophie and Wendell decide to go outside and use the hose to clean up.  This time Sophie decides to make all the rules.  Will Sophie and Wendell ever learn how to get along?  A great book to read when problems arise between friends and discussing what it means to be a good friend and how to play well with others.

Title:  A weekend with Wendell

Author/Illustrator:  Kevin Henkes

Publisher:  Greenwillow Books

ISBN:  978-0688140243


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Book Review: Tinker and Tom and the Star Baby

An amazing artist that claims to have started drawing when he was two years old, David McPhail is a well known and loved illustrator/author.  His water colored illustrations and use of animal characters create his signature style and both are included in this wonderfully imaginative story about a boy, a bear and a star baby from outer space.  Tinker and Tom can’t sleep and while staring out at the stars spot a bright star that falls into the backyard.  When they go to investigate they find a baby star inside of a spaceship.  Tinker and Tom must work together to figure out a way to get Star Baby’s ship running and return the baby to its mother.  I love the idea of a baby star that actually looks and acts like a real baby.  Both the story and sweet illustrations evoke a warm feeling of childhood dreams and believing in the impossible.

Title:  Tinker and Tom and the star baby

Author/Illustrator:  David McPhail

Publisher:  Little Brown and Company

ISBN:  0-316-56349-8


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Book Review: Splish, Splash, Splat!

If you haven’t read any of Rob Scotton’s books about Splat the cat, they are a must read!  Splat is one of the most adorable cats I have ever seen (and this is coming from a dog only kind of gal).  Splat is dreaming of candy fish when he is (rudely) awoken by his mom insisting that he takes a bath.  Splat hates the bath, in fact, he hates water of any kind.  As the day progresses, Splat is increasingly filled with dread.  Spike is coming over for a play date and according to Splat, he is mean, calls Splat names and breaks all of his toys.  At school, Splat has to go swimming and he forgets to wear any swim trunks!  However, the end of the day finds Splat actually having fun in the pool and finding out that he has more in common with Spike than he realized.  This is an adorably sweet book and a great read for any little ones with a fear of water.

Title:  Splish, splash, splat!

Author/Illustrator:  Rob Scotton

Publisher:  Harper

ISBN:  978-0-06-197868-5


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