Book Review: Medio Pollito: A Spanish Tale

18 Feb

I absolutely love Eric Kimmel’s version of this traditional Spanish folktale.  Medio Pollito was born a half-chick with one eye, one wing and one leg, but he was born with a whole heart and a mother hen who told him he could do anything he wanted, one step at a time.  Medio Pollito sets out on his journey to the city of Madrid, taking the time to stop and help others when needed.  What a wonderful book to engage young children in the discussion of our different physical abilities, our universal ability to help one another and the empowering belief in oneself to accomplish your goals and dreams.  If you are unfamiliar with this folktale like I was, you will  love the mythological twist at the end.  This beautifully illustrated book, written by our very own local (Portland, Oregon) author is a 2012 Oregon Book Award Finalist for Children’s Literature.  Follow the link to see a list of the finalists in all categories and to vote (by April 16th) for your favorite.  Winners will be announced at a ceremony on April 23, 2012 at the Gerding Theater at the Armory in Portland, Oregon.  If I were still teaching it would be fun to read all five titles in the Children’s Literature category and then help my students vote online for their favorite!  Visit the author’s website to view a video of this book, narrated by the author.

Title:  Medio pollito:  A spanish tale

Author:  Eric A. Kimmel

Illustrator:  Valeria Docampo

Publisher:  Marshall Cavendish Children

ISBN:  978-0-7614-5705-3


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