Book Review: Me… Jane

21 Feb

I absolutely love this book!  Instead of a typical biography that covers the life span of the person highlighted, this book allows readers to become acquainted with young Jane Goodall.  She was a curious little girl who loved the outdoors and learned as much as she could about plants and animals through books and by exploring the world around her.  After reading her favorite book, Tarzan, Jane dreamed of living with the animals in Africa and when she grew up her dream came true.  The book is richly enhanced by the addition of some of Jane’s own drawings, photos of Jane, and a short section in the back about her life and a message from Jane, herself. Beyond the charming tale of young Jane, I immediately fell in love with the incorporation of faded stamps to accompany the charming water colored illustrations.  I encourage you to share this book with others and see for yourself why it has won the 2012 Charlotte Zolotow Award for best picture book.  You can also listen to a short interview with the author and find out more about this wonderful book.

Title:  Me… Jane

Author/Illustrator:  Patrick McDonnell

Publisher:  Little, Brown and Company

ISBN:  978-0-316-04546-9


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