Book Review: The Three Little Javelinas

04 Apr

My mom recently took a trip with friends to Tucson, Arizona.  She was really excited to see a javelina one evening while sitting out on the patio and came back with this adorable picture book for Little Lucy.  This southwestern adaptation of the familiar folktale, “The Three Little Pigs”, includes some great information about the people, plants and animals particular to this region.  The first javelina makes his home out of tumbleweeds which is easily blown down by hungry coyote.  The second javelina meets a Native American woman and borrows some saguaro ribs from which to build his home.  The third javelina meets a spanish speaking brick maker who kindly gives her some adobe bricks for her home.  The story neatly wraps up with an anecdote that explains what coyote is really thinking about when you hear him howl in the desert at night.

I love reading adaptations of familiar stories and this is no exception.  Reading similar story lines to young children is a great way to help them make connections between texts and promote a deeper level of story comprehension.  Do you have a favorite adaptation of a favorite story?

Check out the corresponding lesson plan.

Title:  The three little javelinas

Author:  Susan Lowell

Illustrator:  Jim Harris

Publisher:  Rising Moon

ISBN:  0-87358-542-9


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