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Book Review: Dinosaur’s Binkit

I have easily become a huge fan of Sandra Boynton.  Her books are just plain fun and this one is no exception.    Little Lucy still adores books that she can interact with.  This board book is full of textures and flaps to lift to keep her busy and entertained.  It is time for Dinosaur to settle down for sleep but all Dinosaur can think about is finding the elusive “binkit”.  Little ones with a lovey of their own are sure to relate to Dinosaur’s search.

Title:  Dinosaur’s binkit

Author/Illustrator:  Sandra Boynton

Publisher:  Little Simon

ISBN:  978-0-689-82203-2


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Book Review: Sign & Singalong: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear!

I remember this song as a jump roping song we used to sing and move to in grade school.  Sign & Singalong books are a great way to get your active baby moving and signing simple vocabulary.  Illustrated American Sign Language shows both the children and bears in this book signing words like, “Teddy Bear, sky, and light”.  Research shows that babies can understand and use sign language to communicate before they have the ability to vocalize their wants and needs.  Regardless of whether or not you are teaching your baby to sign they will love to listen to this familiar rhyme and move along with the story.

Title:  Sign & singalong:  Teddy bear, teddy bear!

Author/Illustrator:  Annie Kubler

Publisher:  Child’s Play

ISBN:  978-1-904550-40-2

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Book Review: Begin Smart Series, Bouncy Baby: A First Lift-the-Flap Book

Begin Smart is a series of books for “Smart Babies” from six to twelve months.  Behind the front cover is a message to parents about object permanence and how lift-the-flap books aid babies with this concept.  The message also assists parents with how to use the book to best enhance the learning and discovery for their child.  Each page has simple colorful illustrations with a movement for baby to imitate underneath each flap.  With rhyming words babies can practice clapping, dancing, splashing, eating and waving bye-bye.  We love this book even more because the last page says, “Bye-Bye, Lucy”!

Title:  Begin smart, Bouncy baby: A first lift-the-flap book

Publisher:  Begin Smart

ISBN:  978-1-934618-65-3


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Books for Babies that Like to Move!

Little Lucy is 10 months old!  It is simply amazing to watch her grow and develop. In less than a months time Lucy has become a very active baby.  She crawls, pulls herself to standing and walks around (with the help of furniture and her little push wagon).  All of this busyness means that story time had to step up a bit and become much more interactive.  Luckily, there are many great books out there just for that purpose.  Little Lucy still loves touch and feel books, but now she also  likes to turn pages, lift flaps and move along with the story.  I have four interactive board books in my library stack this week and we have read them dozens of times already!


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Book Review: Duckie Duck

This colorful board book is all about a Duck who is not afraid to be different.  Duckie loves to hop instead of waddle, whistle instead of quack and he’s not at all scared of a fox!  Duckie is not like the other ducks and being different is actually what he loves best!  A great book to celebrate the uniqueness that resides in every child. With hand-stitched pages, rhyming text and Duckie’s sparkly bill, I am sure that young and old readers will fall in love with Duckie.

Title:  Duckie duck

Author/Illustrator:  Kate Toms

Publisher:  Make Believe Ideas

ISBN:  1-84610-726-1

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Book Review: Baby Bunny

I picked this book for Little Lucy anticipating the arrival of spring and easter.  The title, however, was a bit misleading, in my opinion.  While the book is not all about a baby bunny, there are still some fun, furry pages to feel!  Little hands will get to explore the velvety nose of a baby fawn, the spiked back of a little hedgehog and more.

Title:  Baby bunny:  Baby touch and feel

Publisher:  Priddy Books

ISBN:  978-0-312-50606-3



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Book Review: Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger?

Little Lucy and I are really enjoying this touch and feel book.  Each page features a different animal with some interesting textures to feel like the feathers of an ostrich and the whiskers of a walrus.  Text includes fun, repetitive, rhyming verses that babies and toddlers will enjoy hearing again and again.

Title:  Have you ever tickled a tiger?

Author/Illustrator:  Betsy Snyder

Publisher:  Random House

ISBN:  978-0-375-84396-9


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