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Book Review: Cloudette

Although we are currently renting out our home, we still have some seriously wonderful neighbors.  The past weekend was spent back in the hood getting the rental ready for new tenants and our neighbors were so excited to see Little Lucy.  They had this adorable book waiting for her.  If you’ve met Little Lucy, then you know that she really is little.  She is very small for her age and when people see her walking about they often exclaim, “How old is she!” thinking that I have a baby wonder who must be walking at 6 months when really she is 13 months which is a very typical age to be walking.  Well, just like Little Lucy, Cloudette is a very small cloud that wants to do big things in life.  While she might not be big enough to create a thunderstorm or make a waterfall, Cloudette finds out just what a little cloud can do.  Having a small child of my own, I instantly fell in love with the message of this book.  The illustrations and small captions sprinkled throughout add to the cute factor and the added cloud terminology speaks to the teacher within.  Written and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld who is the illustrator of the famed “Duck!Rabbit!”.  Check out his website for a cute book trailer and  links to his other books with activity guides.

Title:  Cloudette

Author/Illustrator:  Tom Lichtenheld

Publisher:  Henry Holt and Company

ISBN:  978-0-8050-8776-5

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